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about HWI

HWI’s rapid growth and success is built on more than 25 years of market experience and an adherence to business fundamentals. HWI supports more than 300 large employers, thousands of small businesses, and more than two million individuals through a growing network of health plan partnerships and direct employer engagements.

Who We Are

HWI’s team is comprised of behavior modification specialists and health educators, as well as personnel with expertise in social marketing, product development, information technology, and consultative client management.

What We Do

HWI develops and delivers programs and services built on a strategy of prevention and keeping low- and moderate-risk individuals from moving into higher risk categories and chronic conditions.


The cornerstone of every HWI engagement is customization, based on an assessment of the unique needs at the health plan, employer, and individual member level.


HWI's methodology, products, and technology have established us as a business and health management partner for employers and health plans with unique, multi-channel market offerings.


Three recent studies have demonstrated that HWI's prevention-focused programs and services generate quantifiable health risk and medical cost reductions, as well as improved workplace performance.

Our Clients

From small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, HWI’s high-touch population health management services are designed to help our clients achieve a healthier bottom line. We have tailored our approach to meet the unique needs of employers across all industries.

Affiliations and Sponsorships

To help drive the paradigm shift from a reactive, treatment-oriented health care model to one which focuses on prevention and health management, HWI participates in a number of the nation's prominent think tanks, advocacy groups, business associations, and educational forums.